Daily Routine

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A typical day at Cheeky Cherubs involves:
  • Greeting Time
  • Work Time
  • Decision Time
  • Re-cap Time
  • Snack Time
  • Outside Time
  • Large Group Time
  • Small Group Time
  • Transition Times
Interest areas in Cheeky Cherubs include:
  • Home areas with kitchens, play utensils, etc.
  • Block Areas with cars, blocks, etc.
  • Office Areas with telephones, writing materials, etc.
  • Libraries with books, etc.
  • Toy Areas with puzzles, peg boards, etc.
  • Art Areas with paint, crafts, etc.
  • Outside Areas with bikes, slide, etc.
  • Natural and Found Areas with light tables, shells, etc.
  • Relaxation Areas with pillows, cuddly toys, etc.
  • Mathematics and Science areas with magnets, lights, etc.

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