The Preschool Rooms

At Cheeky Cherubs, Preschoolers are encouraged to become autonomous, independent confident individuals. The Cheeky Cherubs approach allows for flexibility when working with children, enabling children to develop at their own rate whilst scaffolding their learning ‘bringing them on’ at the same time. There is still a huge focus on play in the Preschool Rooms as it is the medium through which all children learn and so we aim to make learning fun.

An Environment That Supports Learning

The space and materials in Cheeky Cherubs are carefully chosen and arranged to appeal to children and promote the curriculum’s content goals.

The learning environments in Cheeky Cherubs have the following characteristics:

  • They are welcoming to children
  • They provide ample materials for all the children
  • They allow children to find, use, and return materials independently
  • They encourage different types of play
  • They allow the children to see and easily move through all the areas of the classroom or centre
  • They are flexible so that children can extend their play by bringing materials from one area to another
  • They provide materials that reflect the diversity of children’s family lives.

Interest areas in Cheeky Cherubs include:

  • Home areas with kitchens, play utensils, etc.
  • Block Areas with cars, blocks, etc.
  • Office Areas with telephones, writing materials, etc.
  • Libraries with books, etc.
  • Toy Areas with puzzles, peg boards, etc.
  • Art Areas with paint, crafts, etc.
  • Outside Areas with bikes, slide, etc.
  • Natural and Found Areas with light tables, shells, etc.
  • Relaxation Areas with pillows, cuddly toys, etc.
  • Mathematics and Science areas with magnets, lights, etc.
Learning Stories

We document the learning in the rooms create regularly in the form of Learning Stories and submit them to Early Childhood Ireland. The Learning Stories have several methods of documentation incorporated into them so they are a great way to showcase our curriculum, keep a record of our activities and are also a tool for reflecting with the children. Learning Stories also helps parents and other stakeholders see and understand all the different learning experiences and development their children participate in throughout the day at Cheeky Cherubs. We display these Learning Stories in the centre for parents, children, visitors and teachers from other rooms to see. For more information on Learning Stories, please click on ‘Our Awards’.

School Readiness

Taking the best parts of many different approaches to education and keeping the Primary School Curriculum in mind, we have developed our own unique Cheeky Cherubs Early Years Schools: School Readiness Programme. Utilising a child-centred approach, we focus on the child’s strengths, not weaknesses and scaffold their already existing knowledge, building on what they know, preparing them for the transition to school in the process. This document is available to view in all our centres.

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