Our Vision

Our vision is to create the best environment for children. Through ensuring that their voices are heard, having opportunities to play and create indoors and outside.  To develop a sense of community where the children, their families and those who work with them can grow and learn through caring, respectful interactions, always questioning how experiences feel for the child.

Our environments are aesthetically pleasing and well thought out, with varied and diverse spaces. Full of interesting materials displayed in ways which provoke self-directed and creative play. Children have the freedom to explore, be challenged, to engage or not, in an environment where they begin to distinguish between risky and hazardous play. Providing opportunities to support children as they learn to regulate their emotions, negotiate interactions and play in calm or active spaces according to their preferences and needs.

Our image of the child is of an individual who is creative, capable, ambitious and joyful. As social beings they learn best from each other in non-judgmental environments. Through the important work of play they can explore and discover their passions, make and change choices, they are free to fail and succeed at their own pace.

Our image of the adult teacher is similar to our image of the child, they prove themselves to be creative, capable, ambitious and feel joy when working with the children in our care. The role of the adult teacher is an observer, who supports the children’s innate curiosity, through scaffolding their experiences and opportunities in playful open-ended ways. Providing inviting spaces and provoking thought and learning, which is guided by the children’s emergent interests.

Play is at the heart of everything in Cheeky Cherubs.