Partnering with Parents

Parents are the most important people in their children’s early lives. Children learn about the world and their place in it through their conversations, play activities, and routines with parents and families. Parents can also support children’s learning in out-of-home settings, such as child-minding settings, crèches, playgroups, pre-schools, and primary schools. By working together parents and practitioners can enhance children’s learning and development.” 
– Aistear

Involving parents/guardians in their child’s care and learning is very important to us at Cheeky Cherubs.  We respect their role as their child’s primary carer and educator. We wish to work alongside them to support their child during their formative years.

We find that if the parent/guardians feel comfortable and secure when their child is starting with us, then often their child finds the transition into Cheeky Cherubs easier. To support this we share information daily, through photographs and updates on our app (Our Combination App). By giving parents this knowledge, they can then interact with their children about their day at creche. Sharing this information may spark their interests and curiosity to become further involved in their child’s day.

It is of course a two-way communication; we actively request parents/guardians to share information and insights about their children with us.

Parents/guardians have always been encouraged to visit with us throughout the year. Starting with viewings before your family starts, at settling in, and social gatherings twice a year. There are also opportunities to arrange meetings with your child’s key educator, the leadership team, and the inclusion officer.

We are an inclusive centre, welcoming all who wish to participate with us. As Cheeky Cherubs strives to be supportive community, we welcome children from all family backgrounds and arrangements, nationalities as well as those with special rights (special needs). It is our policy to include all children who wish to attend where possible. Please contact us if there are any additional arrangements to be discussed that may enable your child to attend.