The Great Outdoors

As opportunities for children to exploration outside are diminishing within our society, we at Cheeky Cherubs have embraced learning opportunities in the outdoors. Our full day care children spend a minimum of 3 to 4 hours a day in our urban outdoor spaces regardless of the weather. Children attending our morning and afternoon preschool, spend most of their 3 hours outside if they are lucky.

There has been much research on the advantages of children spending extended time in the outdoors. Spending time outdoors improves the immune system, reduces conflict, encourages problem solving, resilience enhances children’s self – esteem and confidence and creates opportunities for strong relationship building. Through spending quality time outside, children experience the changing of the seasons, getting back to the simple life of being one with nature.

Children can work individually or as part of a team, which develops self – confidence and self – esteem, as well as their emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual skills. They will be physically active and engaged in activities that will facilitate their balance, stamina, and strength. The outdoor environment encourages the children to become their own risk assessors, to take responsibility for their actions and appreciate and respect their surroundings. The physical activity children engage in during free play in the outdoor preschool is linked to improved reading, math achievement and overall general intelligence.

Just like our indoor spaces, the layout and design of the outdoors has developed organically, with a focus on creating beautiful opportunities for hands on experiences. In Cheeky Cherubs children have access to outdoor classrooms, shelters, geodome, marine area, art areas, and mud kitchens.

Our outdoors provides the children attending Cheeky Cherubs with the opportunity to explore, create and follow their curiosity in the most vital learning years before the formal learning of Primary School begins.