The Environment

Bishopstown & Ballincollig

Sarah and Michele opened, the Bishopstown centre in 2005, followed by the purpose-built centre in Ballincollig in 2008.

Both sites are unique and have developed over the years into the entre of excellences.

Both are very conveniently located close to transport corridors and places of employment and education. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

The Cheeky Cherubs story began in 2005, when Sarah and Michele open their first childcare centre in the heart of Bishopstown, Cork. It has been adapted over the years to create a cosy, home from home environment for children over the age of two years until they start primary school. Care starts for children once they are two years of age, until they are ready to start primary school.

Children are cared for and educated in “family groups” of mixed ages, just as you would find in a family home. This enables siblings to spend quality time together, building on their own relationships while in the company of others. This mixing of ages is hugely beneficial to all, as the older children cement their own learning by sharing and supporting their younger group members.

There are a variety of interest areas for the children to work, rest and play in, designed based on our child-centred, progressive approach to early learning. Indoors we have areas which support the children to grow socially, emotionally, and creatively. Cheeky Cherubs educators and children co-construct learning through observing, planning experiences in creative and beautiful environments. Our goal is that each child can explore and develop into capable, creative and active citizens, who love learning.

Cheeky Cherubs, Ballincollig is a purpose-built childcare centre which opened in 2008. Here we care for and educate children from six months, until they start primary school. Housed on a large site with five unique indoor rooms for children to explore and learn in.

Children under 24 months old have two rooms, designed to support their physical and emotional development. Incorporating cosy areas, books, construction, natural, found and of course art materials. The infant room is a bright, airy, and south facing, with its own access to a sleep room and a dedicated baby garden. How the children play and move throughout the spaces influences how we arrange furniture and materials, to ensure that they can touch, explore, and learn at their own pace. The wobbler room also has direct access to the outdoors, two nurseries, and nappy changing stations.

Once children celebrate their second birthday, they join our family/mixed aged groups. We have three rooms, in which this age group explores: art, science, drama, construction, music and the natural world. The children build on their identity and sense of belonging, becoming active members of the Cheeky Cherubs community.

Yet it is the outdoor space that sets Cheeky Cherubs apart. It has been carefully designed with the children in mind. It has become a place where children can feel safe while challenging themselves to take risks. We have a marine area, fire hut, sheltered covered area, a geodome for relaxing, an art area, mud kitchen, growing spaces, and a treehouse.