Under 2’s

We know how important it is for parents to feel that their young child is being cared for in the best place for them. At Cheeky Cherubs, your child’s safety and sense of security is our priority. We have two rooms dedicated for our youngest children.

The first is full of natural light and is filled with materials that spark children’s inquisitive side. There is a separate cosy sleep room, nappy changing area, and kitchenette. There is also direct access to an enclosed garden where the children play daily throughout the year. They then move to a larger room, where they explore many different interest areas, including an art area, construction space, music zone, book area and home area.

The educators support and encourage the children’s natural curiosity as they begin to master their own movement and understanding of the world around them.

At Cheeky Cherubs we have a very strong image of the child. We believe that children are intelligent and full of wonder.

It is our responsibility as educators to create beautiful spaces that support children to discover what they can do themselves and what they are interested in. As a result, the layout and materials change from time to time to suit the interests and needs of the children.