Our Testimonials

Before enrolling our daughter we were given a tour of the crèche. It was immediately apparent how happy and stimulated the children present were. It is so important to feel you can trust that your child will get the same level of care and affection that she would at home and at Cheeky Cherubs you can rest assured she will. We couldn’t ask for more caring people to look after our daughter – so kind and respectful of the children, and as parents, we feel very included in our child’s care. The wide variety of activities foster our child’s physical, psychological, emotional and social development in a gentle and organic manner. We especially loved the special visits from Andy the Fisherman and Eamon the Farmer.

Moll gets to sample foods that I can’t cook for her – a great way to broaden her tastes. She loves putting on the “Puddleducks” rain gear the crèche provides for messy, splashy play outside. Indoor play like “céili” and yoga with Nicola give her a great awareness of her body and strength. There is absolute transparency in our dealings with Cheeky Cherubs – we know exactly what activities our daughter has participated in that day through the notice board, we get feedback on what and how much she has eaten and how her form was that day through chats with her teacher at pick up time. In short you still feel like you’re a part of your child’s day even if you are not present.”

Martina, mother of Molly