Our Testimonials

Kate has encountered difficulties with childcare in the past, but all these were put behind us from the very first day she started attending Cheeky Cherubs. She found an environment where her ongoing social, developmental, and physical needs were not only met but clearly exceeded as she grew. The excellent organisation of day to day life in Cheeky Cherubs, from the carefully and sensitively managed morning-handovers to the end of the day provide a secure and familiar environment for children and parents. I have to add that the emphasis on hygiene and outdoor activity helped Kate go through this past winter without significant absence. The result of these past eight months are clear to us: she has grown confident and happy and fit, and we are under no illusions about the role Cheeky Cherubs played in this. You can tell by the way she runs in every morning, from how happy she is every evening, and from all the praise she lavishes on the staff and the friends she made in the supportive social environment that has been fostered in her group.”

Kevin and Niamh, parents of Kate