Our Testimonials

I would like to say that I wish my older three children had had the chance to go to Cheeky Cherubs. I have never had a bad experience with a crèche but I have never experienced the all round care given by Cheeky Cherubs. The staff are always smiley and cheery (and it still amazes me that you all know every child and parent’s names). It is great that the team is so easy to talk to and so willing to talk about my child with me. The Cheeky Cherubs team are more than very professional, the care and warmth shown by each child-carer is remarkable.

The daily notes indicating my daughter’s meals and activities are not only informative but indicative of the importance of the parents in the crèche. The mixture of activities make my daughter excited about going in every morning. Watching her run in the door without a backward glance indicates how much she loves it. The variety in the menu ensures that she is not only nutritionally well taken care of, but also that she won’t become a fussy eater.

At 20 months, my daughter doesn’t yet communicate many complex things, but I am sure that the excitement when we talk about the crèche and her activities is completely genuine. Thank you for that, for nurturing her and making Cheeky Cherubs a place that not only am I comfortable with my child attending, but am delighted to have found such a warm, caring, educational and safe place for her while I am at work.”

Paul, father of Esmé