Our Testimonials

I have been with Cheeky Cherubs Early Years Schools since 2008. I began as an Early Years Educator in the Toddler Room and gradually climbed the ladder within the company, becoming Team Lead, then Assistant Manager, then Centre Manager. I am now the Area Manager of the three Cheeky Cherubs Early Years Schools. That’s the thing about Cheeky Cherubs; there is always opportunity for advancement.

What makes Cheeky Cherubs stand out from the rest is that the interests of the children is the single most important thing from 8am in the morning right until we close at 6pm. Activities are planned with them in mind, menus are introduced with their likes and dislikes taken into account, the room environments are planned around them and so much more. Sarah and Michele are more than employers. They both have qualifications related to the early years and this gives them the edge as they understand their team and the experiences we encounter on a daily basis. They have a genuine interest in achieving high quality standards in the field. They are not your typical bosses. They do not hide out in the office under a mound of paperwork, they both get involved, make suggestions and decisions, help solve any problems we might have and they take an interest in their team. They are progressive, as is all the team that work at Cheeky Cherubs and I believe that is why Cheeky Cherubs is at such a high level of quality now and how we will continue to raise the bar in our field. The team I work with are so much more than colleagues; the sense of community the minute you walk through any of the Cheeky Cherubs doors is evident. I feel privileged to be surrounded by like-minded educators striving for the best and hope to continue to work here for many years to come.”

Sara, Early Years Educator and Management Team