Our Testimonials

My name is Emma and I have been with Cheeky Cherubs for nearly two years. I am a teacher in the Toddler Room in the Cork City Centre. In the time I have been with the company, I have come to realise what a great team I am part of. There is a wonderful sense of community between the three centres and the company provide a great deal of support to staff here which is a comfort especially at our busiest times. They have been especially generous in terms of training and further study. Management also provide staff meetings, training days for all centres and always acknowledge and thank their staff for the hard work that is put in. It’s a really nice feeling as a team that you are appreciated and here at Cheeky Cherubs we are made aware of this on a regular basis. It’s amazing watching the children in your care grow and develop and great to know you are part of that.”

Emma, Early Years Educator