Our Testimonials

Currently I have children in baby, pre-school and after-school care at Cheeky Cherubs Workplace Crèche at City Hall, Cork. Having experienced the care that children receive from baby to after school I would have no hesitation in recommending this crèche.

The staff are friendly and provide feedback on your child on a daily basis. The HighScope method practiced by Cheeky Cherubs provides a wide range of activities for children. More importantly I feel is that the approach adopted by Cheeky Cherubs encourages the full development of the child. On a practical level, they encourage independence at an early age which can be seen in the children’s ability to put on their coats and hang them up, sit at the dinner table and take instruction. These everyday skills I believe are beneficial when they leave the crèche and go to primary school. Socially they are used to interacting with other children and they react well to the structured nature of the school day.

In relation to the food offered at the crèche, the menu is very varied and they are exposed to a range of foods that they would not have been if they had remained at home.”

Lucilla, mother of Jack, Fionn and Euan