Our Testimonials

I cannot praise Cheeky Cherubs enough. The staff are uniformly pleasant, polite and cheery and really good at their jobs, the atmosphere is bright and welcoming and the children all appear happy and busy and relaxed in their surroundings. I love the fact that they are taken on outings and I love the fact that every corner of the room is teaching them something, be it the stairs being numbered going up and coming down or be it the wide variety of activities the kids enjoy or be it that they are encouraged to read (she loves books and if you are a reader you will never be bored). And I love the menus! They are healthy, varied and a fantastic introduction to sophisticated tastes. The feedback sheets are a lovely record of her day and we are storing every one to put into her album.

I am a big fan of HighScope. I am not a fan of over-praise or praise for everything you do and it is far more rewarding in any case for someone to show an interest in what you are doing than it is to get a pat on the head for every darned thing you do. We chose Cheeky Cherubs because it impressed us so much on our visit there. The price is a bonus and the location is excellent for our needs, but if the quality in service wasn’t there, we would have had to say no. As it was, we said a very enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ (and didn’t put her name down for anywhere else, truth be told). At the heel of the hunt, when we bring Esmé in in the morning, she bangs on the door and marches straight in without a backwards glance, and that is just brilliant! It is a great comfort to know that Esmé is being minded so well when she is not with us.

Thank you!”

Anne-Marie, mother of Esmé