Our Testimonials

My daughter Louise is four in July and has attended Cheeky Cherubs in Cork City Hall since she was a toddler. During her first year we received a written report each day describing in great detail exactly what she eat, how long she slept, how often she went to the bathroom, the activities (indoor or outdoor) she took part in, etc.

It is testament to the staff that she is always excited going in and often sings songs she has learned during the day in the car going home. She loves telling stories about the fun she had throughout the day with the great friends she has made and has often referred to staff members as her best friends.

It is hugely reassuring to know when you drop her in the morning that she is really happy going in. She even taught me a cool way to put on my coat by lying it on the floor, putting my arms in first and swinging it over my head!! Keep up the great work all.”

Anthony, father of Louise